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Rains Forecast: High alert declared in Karachi

April 15, 2019

KARACHI:Medical and Health Services Department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Monday declared alert in all 14 health facilities following the forecast of dust storm and heavy rains by Pakistan Metrological Department.

The high alert has been declared in all 14 hospitals of KMC on the directives of Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhter. All heads of institutions have been instructed to make necessary arrangements, prepare contingency plan and ensure presence of staff on their duties. All the leaves have been cancelled and no leave will be considered during this uncertain situation. Strict compliance of above directives is required by all concerned.

KMC also issues health advisory to avoid accident/trauma

The citizens have been directed to avoid going near the electric poles and wires, wear sponge sleepers to avoid any mishap like electric shock, do not open the main holes for cleaning or close them properly after cleaning to avoid any accident, avoid unnecessary traveling during rain and heavy wind, drive carefully and slow to avoid any accident due to slippery roads and speed breakers and unseen broken roads and use helmet during driving motor cycle.

The people have been further instructed to use extra pipes in silencers to avoid ingestion of water into silencer to prevent traffic jam and hindrance during rain, don’t stand near billboards/signboards to avoid any accident trauma and keep your food/drinking stuff covered.

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