Rally demands 40% passing marks for teacher jobs


GARHI KHUDA BUX: A large number of candidates who appeared in the IBA Test for the posts of JESTs and PSTs took out a huge rally from Sukkur and reached Garhi Khuda Bux in the evening where they held a protest demonstration in front of Bhutto mausoleum here on Sunday demanding fixing of 40% passing marks for all candidates without any discrimination. They were not allowed inside the Bhutto family graveyard.

The rally was led by STEP Foundation Chairperson Shaista Baloch and was participated by Arbab Areejo, Azhar Abro, G M Sargani, Mohsin Shah and others. They shouted slogans in favour of their just demands.

They said while talking to media persons that due to massive unemployment and joblessness people are committing suicides and dying of hunger but the rulers are busy in favouritism without taking into account the lowest level of poverty and historic price hike in the current era.

They said 40% marks should be fixed for all male and female candidates and those who have secured 40% marks should be appointed on the posts without further loss of time for which necessary legislation should be made quickly. They said that the condition of 45% marks from each subject should be abandoned because the education sector in Sindh stands destroyed and Covid pandemic has further aggravated the situation. They said that candidates should not be punished for the mistakes committed by the IBA and they should be compensated for the faults carried out by IBA in its question papers.

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