Tuesday, January 31

Rangers recover arms and ammunition from Gulshan-e-Maymar

KARACHI:Sindh Rangers recovered another huge cache of arms and ammunition in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Maymar area on Saturday.

According to Rangers spokesperson, the paramilitary soldiers carried out a targeted operation on the information from the arrested accused Naveed Iqbal and recovered huge cache of arms and ammunition from Gulshan-e-Maymar area.

The rangers recovered five Kalashnikovs (AK-47) two 9-MM submachine gun (MP-5), one 9-MM MP-5 mauser gun with silencer, one Union Barrel Rocket Launcher (UBRL), one SMG safeguard, one 32-bore mauser, three 9-MM pistols with silencer, two Glock pistols, one NP-22 pistol, one 9-MM Stoeger pistol, 11 HE-36 grenades, 23 magazines of SMGs, 14 MP-5 magazines, eight Glock pistol magazines, 20 9-MM pistol magazines, one 30-bore magazine, six 32-bore mauser pins and 1655 different types of rounds.

The rangers also recovered 35 different communication equipments, including mobile phones, cameras and CDs. The spokesperson further said that the some miscreants of Lyari gang war had hidden arms and ammunition in the area.