KARACHI: Former Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) General Secretary Jam Saqi passed away due to prolonged illness in Hyderabad on Monday. He was 74.

Saqi was born on October 31, 1944 in Tharparkar. He fought against the dictatorships bodily. Saqi was arrested and tried in a military court during General Zia’s regime in the 80s. PPP slain chief Benazir Bhutto appeared as his defence witness in his case. In the 1970s, he joined Sindh Hari Committee. He also remained joint secretary of the National Awami Party.

In 1983, Saqi along with Jamal Naqvi, Sohail Sangi, Badar Abro, Kamal Warsi and Shabir Shar was tried by a military court for allegedly acting against the ideology of Pakistan. Former premier Benazir Bhutto was a defense witness on this account.