Rice Canal bridge develops cracks

LARKANA: The bridge constructed in 2012 has developed cracks for the second time due to which it has been closed for for all kinds of transport as the concerned department is getting it repaired.

The bridge was constructed on Rice Canal five years ago to facilitate the activists of PPP and the residents of other villages. The workers of the party arrive in a large number to participate in two mega events held annually at Garhi Khuda Bux on 4th April on the death anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and on 27th December when they celebrate martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto.

Different roads were also constructed during the said period for this purpose and to enable the top PPP leadership to reach Bhutto mausoleum in Garhi Khuda Bux without any trouble from here but now they are using helicopters. The regular traffic is being redirected to old bridge which was originally constructed during the English rule which has also been repaired and renovated recently by the present Sindh government.

Residents of the area Mohammad Punhal and Ramzan told newsmen here on Saturday that the material used in the construction of the bridge by the contractor was so substandard that the bridge soon developed cracks. They said previously cemented bars fell down in the rice canal creating dangerous situation for those who were travelling at night.

They said that the bridge had developed cracks at another spot which too was being repaired. They said that they were unaware which type of material contractor used in building this very important bridge. They further said that the bridge constructed during English rulers period is still intact and even in better shape than the recently completed new bridge. They said that old bridge was used since years and never developed crack adding old bridge was only repaired when regulator doors were rusted and flow of water was reduced. Rice Canal Engineer Ahmed Nawaz Chandio said that repair work is in progress at the site and soon it will be opened for traffic. Asked whether work will be completed and traffic will be allowed before 4th April, he hoped that the affected bridge will be opened for vehicles.