Monday, November 28

Rising inflation: Khuhro warns of ‘go Imran go’ situation

LARKANA: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sindh President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Friday that that if the hike in petrol prices was not withdrawn in the country and inflation was not controlled, then “go Imran go” would take place on roads and streets.

“Don’t force into situations where the public is forced to burn electricity bills and run a civil disobedience movement, he said in a statement today. The PPP Sindh president says that we demand that the decision on the increase in petrol prices be withdrawn. “In the past, the electricity bills were burnt by Imran Khan while protesting on container and now people are ready to burn electricity bills of Imran Khan in the streets,” Khuhro observed.

He said that the federal government was raising the inflation to record level in the country by increasing petrol, electricity and gas prices and the federal government wanted to rob billions of rupees from the people. He said that the change had now proved to be a catastrophic government for the people and this government wanted to eliminate the poor people and not the poverty from the country. He said: “Tabdeeli Sarkar has become destruction Sarkar for the people.”

The PPP Sindh president opposed the move to establish Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) and said that the federal government wanted to establish this authority to have full control over the media so that the voices of the people could be suppressed.

He said that the PPP would not accept this dictatorial law in any form and we would not impose sanctions on the media. He said that the federal government wanted to abolish the media and freedom of expression to cover its failures by enforcing such draconian laws. We demand that the decision of the establishment of PMDA be withdrawn immediately, Khuhro added.

He said that the electronic voting machine was the dominant strategy before the new elections as the PTI was determined to be rejected in the new elections. For this, he added, the selected government wants a re-election of power through the electronic voting machine. There are concerns over the voting machine, Khuhro said adding that instead of electronic voting machines, the Election Commission should be fully empowered to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the country.