Rs3bn corruption committed in desks purchase: Haleem


KARACHI: The Central Vice President Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh said It is month of advent of Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W who is mercy and blessing for the all the creations of Almighty Allah, Haleem said adding that Pakistani nation was celebrating “Ashra e Rahmatul-lil- Alameen” to pay reverence to the greatest leader of all times.

“Life and teachings of Muhammad S.A.W are exemplary guiding principles those lead to success in life and hereafter, Haleem said adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to establish Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority while the decade will be observed with religious reverence and sanctity throughout the country in befitting manner.

Haleem Adil announced that following major event of celebrations of 12th Rabiul Awal in Islamabad that would be addressed by PM Imran Khan, a conference of Ullema Karam, Sajjadah Nasheens of venerated shrines and custodians of different theological orders titled “Jashan Aamad e Rasool and Riyasat e Madina Conference” will be held on October 22, 2021 at Sindh Governor House. The Prime Minister of Pakistan will address the conference that will be presided by Governor Sindh Imran Ismael. Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs will be special guests among others, he added.

Referring to PPP’s public gathering in Karachi on the day, Haleem Adil suggested that Bilawal Zardari should let the people of Sindh know where in 13 years a budget accumulating to Rs 8900 billion was utilized and how a massive corruption of Rs 1400 billion was allowed.

Masses want to know, why 85% percent of the population living in Sindh were left to drink contaminated water and water channels, reservoirs and aquifers were being constantly degraded? of Rs 14 billion spoiled by ‘rats’ and people have to buy flour at exorbitant rates, he noted.

The economic hub of the country Karachi speaks aloud of performance of PPP, lack of sanitation, drainage and green cover coupled with messy traffic system with poor public transport took the metropolitan to higher ranks among the filthiest cities of the world, Haleem Adil Sheikh remarked.

Including the arrival of 84 buses, progress on the federal government sponsored Green Line of BRT project was in front of every citizen and they were eager to see the Red and Orange Lines of the Sindh government, and what happened to the Sindh Government’s colorful Transport projects?

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that corruption of Rs 3 billion was committed on the purchase of school desks, masses want to know why the desk of Rs 5,000 was bought in rupees 29,000.

Haleem said what happened to the cleaning of drains in Karachi? The federation has cleaned three big drains, which is why the drains which were the responsibility of the Sindh government have not been cleaned till today. Haleem said that masses want to know why irrigation water has not been distributed fairly in Sindh? Why were 450 direct outlets built from canals for? Bilawal tells the masses how many coastal highways did your Sindh government build in Sindh in 13 years.?

Haleem said a new corruption system is being run in Sindh headed by Bilawal and two women which I will expose soon in front of the media.

Muzammil Aslam, spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance, while addressing a press conference, said all petroleum prices are increased on summaries of OGRA. Price hike is an international phenomenon while 85 % of petroleum products are imported. Government could provide relief through reducing the rate of taxes. Government collects petroleum levy Rs. 5 rupees on per liter on Petroleum earlier it was rupees 30, while sales tax in Ishaque Dar’s regime was 35% but the government collected only 6.84%. Petroleum prices in Pakistan are lower than many other countries in the region on an international level. At PPP Regime price of petrol was 115 when exchange rate was 70 rupees a dollar and now went dollar 170 and rate of petrol is 137 per liter it was possible through reduction in taxes by current Government.

He said the Sindh government took a late decision on the issue of wheat release policy, further they also did not announce that quantity to be released to the flour mills on daily basis due to non-release of wheat masses facing heavy rate of flour in Sindh.

He said at present, the largest sugarcane crop in the history of Pakistan is coming down but the sugar mill owners in Sindh have not started crushing yet. He said the price of sugar has dropped by Rs 6 since last week. There are many Sasta bazaars in Punjab established by the Punjab Government but in Sindh not a single sasta bazaar has been established by the Sindh Government.

He said that the biggest crisis in the history of the world since 1960 is now going on. He said that PPP is drowning the fleet of two provinces of Pakistan Sindh and Balochistan flour also goes from Sindh to Balochistan. “After petrol, we import edible oil he added.

He said Petrol was subsidized in Musharraf’s Government, which led to the smuggling of petrol. He said that due to the previous government, the long-term expensive deals of electricity projects have led to a power crisis in the country today.

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