Rs4bn corruption in Gorakh Hill projects, claims Liaquat Jatoi

Johi, Sindh: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leader and former chief minister of Sindh Liaquat Ali Jatoi has alleged that the rulers have misappropriated at least Rs4bn in the Gorakh Hill projects and the corruption watchdog departments should take notice of this huge bungling.

Addressing a big public rally at Johi on Monday, he regretted that the cases of corruption belonging to what he called Zardari and his henchmen are put on the back burner. He said if accountability of Nawaz Sharif could be done why Zardari and his people should be spared. He said corruption watchdogs should also take notice of how sugar mills in Sindh were controlled by force and intimidation to make a cartel like situation.

He said the vital project of Gorakh Hill is in the limbo as the ruling party people are involved in mega corruption in related projects and schemes. He said billions of rupees tagged for water and drainage schemes of Dadu district have also gone into the pockets of corruption mafia and a through probe is needed in these scams.

He said the people of Sindh have already been fed up with the corrupt government and in next election they would reject the PPP and elect the PTI to bring a positive change in the province.