Rulers least concerned with plights of Gadani tragedy affectees: Haleem


Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the rulers are least concerned about the plights of the ship-breaking labors affected by the recent Gadani tragedy.

According to details, PTI Sindh chapter senior vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh paid a visit to Gadani and inquired about the health on the injured in the Ghulam Qadir Hospital Hab. He also visited Sawali Goth and condoled with the bereaved families. He participated in the Quran Khawani for the departed souls. He assured them of every possible help and took part in their protest demo against the rulers.

PTI leaders Amir Magsi, Irfan Buledi, Liaquat Bachio, Ghulam Hussain Lashari, Aman Sheikh, Zahidullah Khan, Abdullah Sarmastani, Wali Kakar, Naveed Rind, Gul Nimroze Khan, Tahir Niazi, Fazal Wahab, Qazi Wajahat, Haji Saqib and Usman Niazi were also present.

Haleem Adil said we would uncover the hidden factors of this human tragedy and exposed the elements involved in it at all costs. He asked that instead of resolving the issues of the affectees, the government has imposed Section-144. He asked what the rulers want to achieve with imposing of the Section-144. He said that the behavior of the government towards the affected people is very negative and strongly condemnable.

The PTI leader said we are not satisfied with the health and safety conditions in industries throughout the country. He said the issue of missing of some people after the incident is also a serious matter. He regretted that the rulers are unmoved even after this big tragedy.

On the occasion of the protest demo of the bereaved families, Haleem Adil said that the government has yet to pay the announced compensation to the heirs and the injured. He said with such tactics the government is creating problems for itself. He said that the government has announced a probe committee to calm the anger of the affected people but in fact this is a hollow announcement of the rulers. He said till the elements involved in this tragedy are punished, it would be hard to check such incidents in future.