Rulers misusing public money: Haleem Adil Sheikh

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh senior executive vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh has alleged that the rulers are distributing public money to buy vote ahead of the general election.

Talking to media here Monday, he charged the rulers are trying to buy the conscience of masses and public funds are being distributed amongst political people as if it were the own money of rulers. He claimed a close relative of rulers and head of a bank was allegedly using the funds of his bank for political purposes. He said for last one month huge bank loans are being given to the political people, mostly MNA and MPA of the ruling party.

He said they are distributing millions of rupees amongst the political people in the name of youth loans. He said this loan scheme was meant for poor youths of Pakistan, but instead of giving these loans to young people they are being given on political basis to the blue-eyed boys of the rulers, which we condemn strongly. He said this is nothing but a plain political bribery. He asked the national institutions concerned to take action in this regard.

He said earlier, the government jobs were given on political basis instead of merit. He said our educated and meritorious youths are being deprived of jobs. He said just before the general elections an advertisement for 1200 bank jobs is released again, which is a political manoeuvring. He said the PTI condemns all anti-people policies of the government. He demanded of the NAB and other institutions to take notice of these matters and take action against the corrupt elements.

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