Rulers not sincere to develop Sindh, Qadir Magsi

LARKANA: Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STPP) Chief Dr. Qadir Magsi has said that the rulers are not sincere in developing of a modern Sindh, but the patriotic people of Sindh would make a new Sindh by ditching Waderas and feudal lords.

Dr. Magsi was addressing a huge public gathering at Jinnah Bagh roundabout here on Friday evening.

He said that a man was brutally killed along with his two sons in Mehar a few days ago but no PPP leaders condemned this tragic murder including Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Asif Zardari, adding their silence shows how much loyal they are with Sindh.

He said Sindh made a solid and fundamental contribution in making of Pakistan but it is being neglected, adding people are committing suicides, undergoing starvation and are facing the worst poverty but rulers continue to propagate everything is alright in the province.

He asked whether this country has merely been made for singing, dancing, chanting zindabad and murdabad slogans.

He said that majority of the HIV/AIDS patients in Sindh belongs to Larkana which is astonishing. He said that I don’t want a jagirdari system but I believe in peoples’ rule in which poor will govern the country.

He said that they are struggling for making a modern Sindh which will be free of slavery.

Dr. Abdul Fatah Samejo, Gulzar Soomro, Dr. Ahmed Noonari and other leaders were also present along large number of people.