Ruling elite always exploit people: Rashid Naseem


Lahore: Deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Rashid Naseem, has said that the present ruling elite, whether civil or former military dictators, could not deliver anything to the country.

Addressing the Plans implementation committee meeting at Mansoora on Saturday, he said that only an honest leadership could steer the country out of the present crisis and added that the JI alone could provide that leadership.

Rashid Naseem asked how could the political parties which did not have democracy in their own ranks, give a democratic system to the country.

He said that although the JI was not in power, yet it was running numerous projects of public welfare and relief. The JI had thousands of dedicated workers who were serving the general public and the needy only with the aim to please Allah.

Hundreds of dispensaries, scores of hospitals and ambulances were being run by the JI and its welfare wing Al-Khidmat Foundation and providing free services to the deserving. Scores of cottage industries centers and similar other facilities were available to the women to enable them to supplement family incomes and support their children.

He said that if the masses gave their mandate to the JI, it could expand these services and evolve a truly Islamic welfare state.

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