Sadiq Umrani-Corner meetings

TAMBOO: PML-N has become part of past. PPP would form governments at the Centre and in four provinces after 2018 elections. We believe in service of people irrespective of colour and creed. After coming to power excesses and injustices made with the people would be done away. People should stop way of those coming to power from back doors by power of their votes because they kept them deprived by looting resources recklessly. It is golden opportunity for the people to reject corruption elements.

These views were expressed by former President PPP Balochistan Mohammad Sadiq Umrani while addressing corner meetings in various parts of Dera Murad Jamali Monday.

Sadiq Umrani said that he has brought message of promotion of peace, brotherhood and security of motherland. We are awami people and feel pleasure by living within people. Our relations with them can never break. He said whenever people have made him successful development projects were completed in light of consultation with them, provided employments to the people, provided electricity, gas, clean water, roads and other basic facilities.

He said PML-N has become part of past. Sun of politics of Nawaz Sharif and his associates has set. He looted national resources and after being caught he raised why he was ousted.

He said people should support PPP candidates during 2018 ejections. Party would clean sweep in whole of country in the elections and would form its government in four provinces and At the Centre and end poverty, hunger from the country.