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SC orders KE to restore electricity of KMC offices, parks

July 10, 2019

KARACHI:Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Karachi Registry Wednesday heard a case pertaining to the ongoing tussle between K-Electric (KE) and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and ordered KE to resume electricity supply to KMC offices and parks.

A SC bench, headed by justice Sajjad Ali Shah, ordered KE to restore electricity supply which was disconnected due to ongoing disputes between the organizations over unpaid dues and property demolition.

The KMC counsel told the bench that KMC was in deficit and had to make payment of Rs170 million arrears. The electricity of KMC offices and 12 parks have been cut off by KE.

The KE also gave its stance and stated that KMC employees were also using electricity in the parks. On which, Justice Shah asked the KMC Commissioner why KMC employers are using electricity free of cost? The commissioner replied that they had asked KE to install sub-meters, but it could not install those.

The court ordered the power entity to resume electricity supply to parks that fall under KM control. It also ordered installation of sub-meters at the parks and the homes of employees. Ibn-e-Qasim, Hill Park, Jheel Park and other parks have been granted access to electricity by the top court.

On July 2, three KMC officials were injured after they came under attack by the KE employees during an anti-encroachment operation in the metropolis.

KMC senior director told the journalists that the KE officials attacked the anti-encroachment team when it reached Qayumabad area to clear the greenbelt.

He had said that when the team started operation to demolish the illegal rooms constructed by KE on the greenbelt, the KE officials offered resistance and attacked the team as a result, three members of the anti-encroachment team got injured.

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