Secretary Finance PML-N Women Wing speaks

DHADAR:Those who talked of political coffin of PML-N their political coffin has come out after Senate elections. Conspirators and those levelling allegations shiver in the name of elections. Those who levelled allegations instead of working do not want holding of elections.

These views were expressed by Secretary Finance PML-N Women Wing Balochistan MPA Anita Irfan while addressing people coming to congratulate party women for PML-N success in Senate elections. She said there is great difference between PML-N and us. He calls names to Parliament. One who does not now voting and do not maintain sanctity of Parliament should not come to Parliament. She said Nawaz Sharif is king of politics and 230 million people of Pakistan have confidence in him. N League government has made records of selfless service of people in its every regime.

Imran Khan has made world records of telling lies and taking U turns she said adding Nawaz Sharif is great leader of Pakistan and we are ready for every sacrifice for him. She said Nawaz Sharif is second name of country’s development which he has started since 30 years. Seeing this development his opponents were at work to oust him. PML-N endeavours to Pakistan’s development and prosperity of its people. PML-N overcome energy crisis and resolve other crisis.

Imran Khan disgraced sanctity of Parliament. How can one abusing Parliament can become well wishers of 230 million people of Pakistan.