Tuesday, February 7

Secretary Finance women Wing PML-N Balochistan speaks

DHADAR: Dharna party has done politics of lies and baseless allegations. Instead of resolving problems of people and development of their province they made allegations their habit. Rulers of past did not take any step for ending energy crisis and due to their loot and corruption country plunged into dark. These corrupt and disgruntled elements tried delay in every sector including energy and they were ashamed of their deeds. They have caused loss to the country. They did not want Nawaz Sharif should take the country for development. Country’s development rests with Nawaz Sharif. People of the country are with him and they have given message to their opponents by according warm welcome to Nawaz Sharif in any city and province he goes that no conspiracy against democracy would be allowed to succeed.

These views were expressed by Secretary Finance Women Wing PML-N Balochistan MPA Mohtarma Anita Irfan while speaking to Newsmen Wednesday.

She said PML-N was opposed to money and greedy politics and would remain so. Some Political opponents were fighting war of personal interests but Party would not let them succeed in their designs in any case. She said that Senate deletion is matter of concern for all democratic parties and it is result of Zardari-Imran alliance. She said people would bury for ever this alliance during 2018 elections. She said Nawaz Sharif would not back out from mission of Pakistan’s progress and service of people.