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Senator Asrarullah Zehri

KHUZDAR: Interest of Balochistan nation are very dear to us. Focus of our political from day is rights of Baloch people and their interests. It is demand of present situation that nationalists parties should rise above prejudices and tug of war and struggle for rights of Balochistan people and their welfare and well being.

These views were expressed by President Balochistan National Party (Awami) Senator Asrarullah Zehri while addressing a gathering of workers at Jhalwan House in Karachi.

Tribal figure Mohammad Ishaq Notani and his colleagues and supporters announced to join BNP-A on the occasion.

Welcoming them to party folds Asrarullah Zehri told that point of view of religious and nationalist parties in Balochistan is one and same but they were working differently. All these parties are struggling following teaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Uswa Hasana but their platforms are different. He asked nationalist parties to give up tradition of past and get untied for national interest and right s of people.

Politics should be free of hate and hypocrisy, he added.

He said he was struggling for supply of gas to people of Khuzdar all alone. and he would be successful He said had other parties struggle sincerely several problems of people would have been resolved till now.

He said BNP-A has taken steps for providing basic facilities of education, health, clean drinking water, road building and providing employment.

He aid BNP-A would not leave field open to any one during next elections and it would field its candidates in all areas. It would secure success through seat to seat adjustment and adopting democratic way

Asrarullah Zehri said if people of Khuzdar gave him a chance he would mobilize all his energies for changing situation in Khuzdar. He said there is definitely awareness among he people and they want change and there will be change in the coming elections.

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