SHC expresses dissatisfaction over PPL report


KARACHI:Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction over the report of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) pertaining to the development and welfare work in local areas in the light of the decision of the Supreme Court.

A two-member bench of the SHC heard the plea filed by PPL, and gas companies pertaining to implementation of Supreme Court’s decision.

The report submitted in the court said: ‘’Company from its benefit is paying the funds to Sindh Government.’’ It added that there is a joint account of PPL and Sindh government for submitting funds.

The report also said that after the verdict of Supreme Court, Rs29 Crores were given to Sindh government for welfare and development in areas and it was the responsibility of the Sindh government to carry our welfare from these funds.

The report said that funds which were given are being consumed under the supervision of deputy commissioner.

The court; however, expressed dissatisfaction over the report and summoned Sindh chief secretary on next hearing.

Additional Advocate General Sindh sought time for submitting another report.

The court, later, adjourned the hearing till 4th December.