Friday, February 3

SHC seeks KE reply in ‘excessive’ billing case

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday sought comments from K-Electric (KF) on the petition filed by citizens against alleged highly exaggerated, erroneous and excessive billing.

A two-judge bench was hearing the petitions filed by the citizens, Daniyal, Saad and Arsal who moved the court against the electricity provider for sending ‘excessive’ bills and ‘harassing’ them in case of non-payment.

The petitioners submitted that the KE used to charge highly exaggerated bills from the citizens and threaten to disconnect the electricity if they refuse to pay excessive bills. They maintained that the KE had accused them of meter tempering with malafide intention.

The lawyer representing the petitioners prayed to the court to the direct the electricity provider to withdraw the excessive bills and not to disconnect the electricity of the petitioners.

The court issued notice to the KE administration and sought their reply by March 29.