Shehla Raza happy at KU’s progress towards higher education

KARACHI: University of Karachi on Tuesday inaugurated the 1st Probe Conference entitled Biology Down the Road, organized by its Department of Physiology at Arts Auditorium.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Syeda Shehla Raza said it’s an honor to join department of physiology’s conference and see her teachers at Karachi University. “Whatever I learned from my teachers of KU, I have been implementing it in my practical life, I feel proud to be an alumni of the university. Physiology is an important branch of biology, its significance of study must be raised in Pakistan.

She also offered the department to form a delegation of senior faculty members to have a meeting with the education minister and raise the issues of the department seeking their resolutions. She also inaugurated the department’s research journal “Biosight Journal.”

Vice Chancellor KU Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan in his address said that KU had played a vital role in promotion of higher education in the country. Majority of medical colleges of the city, which are now full fledging universities, had remained affiliated with KU for a long time. He also announced to establish medical complex at the varsity adding that KU will now make its name in medical sciences, while equal employment opportunities will be ensured for all departments’ degree holders in the said medical complex.

“Students and teachers must together work for the progress of all the departments of the varsity”, added Dr. Khan. Dr. Abdul Azeem presented the keynote address in which he highlighted the role of physiology in the research from the evolutionary era of Darwin till modern times.

Panel participants emphasized on the equal importance of all disciplines of biological sciences and dire need of provision of equal opportunities for all discipline degree holders.

Shaikh Shakeel Ahmed said that Drug Regulation Authority must ensure relevant and adequate legal amendments to ensure development of the medical equipments’ industry. Roohi Bano called for forwarding these recommendations to Drug Regulation Authority.

Dr. Abdul Azeem and Prof. Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi while addressing at the panel discussion emphasized on the need of providing employment opportunities to physiology graduates in educational institutions especially varsities,

“MBBS students are preferred over them which is injustice”, added the panelists.

Dr. Ali Soomro demanded to provide employment opportunities to physiology graduates in Sindh’s intermediate colleges.

It was reiterated by the panelists that Physiology is considered to be the backbone in biological sciences, teaching of physiology in public/private sector educational institutions must be ensured. Government also must ensure amendments in the law and pharmaceutical industries must also play their vital role in this regard.

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