Sindh governor completes one year in office

Karachi: Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair has completed one year in office. He took oath as the 32nd Governor of Sindh on 2nd February 2017.

Revival of economy has been his top priority from day one as he was assigned the task to revive and revamp economy and boost investment opportunities in Sindh.

From day one he started interaction with business community, inviting their delegations to Governor House, visiting their offices, attending seminars related to economy and explaining the importance of Karachi as a financial hub of Pakistan during interviews with media men.

During one year he has met every trade body more than once and discussed their problems, proposed solutions and way forward for both businessmen and the Government.

He has also held road shows in Qatar, UAE, USA and UK to promote and show case of Pakistan. He has been a vehement advocate of the province and specially its capital Karachi.

Although economy has been his priority during last one year, he has also held interactive sessions with political leadership and other stake holders for betterment of services to masses of the province.

Governor Sindh has not been afraid to express his views publicly also, as he is a firm believer in dialogue and debate especially on sensitive issue concerning our Country.

It was his pursuance that led the former Prime Minister and the current Prime Minister to visit Sindh and announce development packages for the residents of various cities of province.

Governor Sindh has started a commendable initiative of honoring bright students of public and private sector Universities. They are invited in Governor House with their parents and teachers and presented with cash awards and appreciation certificates.

He has visited almost all Universities of the provinces and has even attended number of convocations for the encouragement of students and faculty members. He is a frequent visitor to the Capital and always presents the case of Sindh with clarity to the Prime Minister and other concerned quarters.

“The people of Sindh deserves better basic amenities of life and my effort would continue in this regard till I am Governor Sindh”, he remarked in a message on the occasion.

He said that Thar has been a remarkable story during present Government tenure. An investment of 4.5 billion US dollar to excavate and utilize the coal of Thar has been unprecedented so is the 34 billion US dollar energy projects of CPEC, he added.

He said CPEC is a game changes in real sense as it would revamp our economy and create countless jobs directly and indirectly. Pakistan has the potential, resources and required manpower to excel in ­­­­­comity of nations. Now when the right direction has been identified the next 10 years of Pakistan would be its golden era, which would benefit generations to come, he added.

He thanked the Federal Government for reposing trust in him and pledged that he would continue to serve the people of Sindh and Pakistan with best of his abilities, says a Governor House hand-out.