Sindh has been turned like ruins of Moenjo Daro: Soomro

KARACHI:During the past 10 years, Sindh was looted massively and turned like the ruins of Moenjo Daro.

This was stated by Rashid Mahmood Soomro, MMA candidates for NA-200, while addressing a corner meeting at Town Hall in Naundero. He said, if he is elected, he will strive very hard to end infamous Kalabagh Dam project for rights of labourers, peasants and poverty-stricken masses.

He said he would fight for rights of Sindh till last drop of his blood. Soomro said alleged that PPP sold jobs against huge amounts. He said Rs26 crore of taxpayers money were spent on construction of boundary wall around Bhutto House in Naundero which looked like a fort.

He said they spent public money for their lavish living not on construction of roads, improving sewage system or on providing safe drinking water to the citizens. He further alleged that corruption to the tune of Rs1500 billion was made in the name of building sewerage drains, roads, streets etc which is not visible anywhere. He said flooring of Garhi Khuda Bux ground was made at the cost of Rs 24 crore which were also paid out of the taxpayers’ money.

He said education and health facilities were not available for children of poor but the rulers even went abroad for their medical checkup. He said people were being cheated by saying that they would make Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as next PPP prime minister but the fact was that the age for PM ship was set at 35 and Bilawal is still 29 years old. Soomro asked the residents to identify the thugs and vote for the future of your children not for those who had plundered public wealth massively.