Sindh’s traditional wrestling near Mohenjo Daro amazes people


LARKANA: Traditional Sindh’s wrestling (Malh) Malakhro was organised by Haji Abdul Hameed Saryo in village Bagi near World Heritage archaeological site of Mohenjo Daro, near here on Sunday, for amusement of the villagers in which famous wrestlers of Sindh took part along with large number of villagers who had come from all adjoining towns and villages. As many as 20 famous wrestlers participated in the event including Majeed Awan, Ghulam Sarwar Behan, Mour Awan, Majid Dakhan, Ali Asghar Shah, Kuraro Abro, Zamir Solangi, Niaz Brohi, Wazir Behan, Waheed Mugheri. Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) leader Adil Altaf Hussain Unar was the chief guest.

Haji Abdul Hameed Bhayo told reporters that he is living in Saudi Arabia and came here specially for holding this traditional Malakhro event which is part of our culture adding he will annually come in future and repeat the same so that this game could be popularized. He demanded of the Sindh Government to look-after the traditions and cultural values of Sindh and make traditional Sindhi games more famous by organizing such events in every nook and corner of Pakistan.

GDA leader Adil Altaf Unar also said that traditional games, including Kodi Kodi, Malh, Wanjh Wati, bull racing etc should be patronized by the government and the players be given proper facilities including grounds and jobs so that they may be able to play their part. He distributed cash prizes of Rs 5000, Rs 3000 and Rs 2000 to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners respectively. Hundreds of people from Dokri, Badah, Areeja, Bakrani, Mohejo Daro, Balhreji towns and other nearby villages watched the event with great amusement and supported the winners by clapping.

The Pahelwan wrestlers used traditional techniques which include usage of physical power to get down the opponent. They also used their legs against their opponents to imbalance them so that he could fell down and the other could be declared winner. BThe Malh is very famous and is always held since long during annual Urs celebrations of famous shrines of the province.

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