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SMIU celebrates completion of its VC’s 24-year service

July 21, 2018

KARACHI: The faculty and senior staff members of Sindh Madressatul Islam University celebrated completion of 24 years of Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Ali Shaikh as the head of this historic institute on Saturday.

Shaikh along with deans, chairperson, faculty, senior management and staff members performed cake cutting ceremony. On that occasion they all prayed from more success and development of SMIU.

While talking to the participants VC said that it was a great achievement that this historic institution was transformed from a typical public sector school to a modern and quality university within last 24 years.

Referring to the last 24 years, he said that when he had taken charge of SMI as its Principal, 24 years ago on 21 July 1994, it seemed as a complete traditional public sector school, where no basic facilities, even drinking water, was available for students. The school was also lacking discipline on every stage.

He said that SMI being a Alma-Mater of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other leading figures of the country needed full concern, devotion, commitment, honesty and loyalty of its leadership, and he along with the teachers and staff members transformed it from a traditional school to a modern academic institute within a short period. We added girls’ secondary section to it, college classes were started for both boys and girls, science and computer labs were established, buildings of colonial era were renovated and healthy co-curricular activities were started at SMI, he said that when this phase of success was completed then the attention was given to get university status for it and that goal was also achieved in 2012, Dr Shaikh said.

Shaikh said that his struggle was not ended at the point when university status was achieved for SMI, but a new vigorous struggle has started after it, because we want to make SMIU as one of the best universities of the world.

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