Tuesday, January 31

Sports: Cricket: Emerging Players U16 High Performance Camp concludes

Karachi:The four-week High Performance Camp for the Emerging U16 Players concluded on Saturday at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

The participating 20 players were put to task on different aspects of the game, earmarked by interactive lectures, rigorous training and fitness sessions under the watchful eye of the NCA coaches.

Mohsin Kamal, who is commandant of the Emerging Players U16 High Performance Camp and also featured in nine Tests and 19 ODIs for Pakistan where he took 24 and 21 wickets, respectively, shed light on the learning of players from the camp.

He stated, “The coaches focused their efforts on boosting the players’ physical and psychological fitness along with cricketing skills to which the players’ response has been very positive.

“We worked on their batting and bowling skills, where both departments of the game were put into diverse match situations.”

“The lectures aimed at imparting practical knowledge, to enhance understanding on matters relating to the different aspect of the game along with techniques to improve interpersonal communication amongst team members.”

He remarked, “We also arranged tutorials to augment the players’ understanding on matters associated with cricketing skills, media management and anti-doping.”

Fast bowling consultant at the camp, the former Test cricketer Rao Iftikhar Anjum stated, “We’ve focused our efforts during this camp to assess and amplify the players fast bowling skills and speed through assessment tests.

“During the course of the drilling sessions each bowler was allocated a designated area for bowling at varying speeds with the sole purpose of hitting the stumps.”

Ahmad Khan, right arm fast bowler from Abbottabad, who took 13 wickets from five 50-over match series against Australia held in the UAE earlier this year, was delighted to be a part of the camp. Enunciating his experience, he mentioned, “The NCA coaches employed situational training techniques to aid us in enhancing our capabilities for future matches.”

Umer Eman who has captained Pakistan U16 team to 50-over and T20 series victory over Australia U16 in the UAE this year mentioned that the players have learned a lot in the camp.

He said, “Designed to gauge and enhance our fitness, the coaches worked tireless with us on fielding, batting and bowling skills for future series.”

Sameer Saqib Pakistan U16 opening batsman who had scored 122 runs from three-50 over series against Bangladesh with an average of 40.67, was also amongst those participating in the camp. He remarked that the NCA coaches had worked diligently to rectify recurring individual and team mistakes that hampered their performance in the past series.

“In the light of the recent international series, each player has learnt to critically evaluate individual and team performances and we are determined to raise the bar in terms of our performance in forthcoming tours.”

Pakistan U16 players who attended the player skills and training were Ahmad Khan (Abbottabad), Ali Asfand (Faisalabad), Ali Hassan (Sialkot), Aliyan Mehmood (Karachi), Amir Hassan (Rawalpindi), Arham Nawab (Faisalabad), Aseer Mughal (Rawalpindi), Ayaz Shah (FATA), Faisal Akram (Multan), Farhad Khan (FATA), Haseebullah Khan (Quetta), Kashif Ali (Karachi), Khalid Khan (Quetta), Muneeb Wasif (Lahore), Mohammad Shehzad (Multan), Mohammad Waqas (Faisalabad), Rizwan Mehmood (Hyderabad), Sameer Saqib (Faisalabad), Umer Eman (Lahore) and Zubair Shinwari (FATA) (wicketkeeper).