Friday, January 27

Sports: Softball: Shiraz Asif to attend WBSC Softball Umpiring Course on especial invitation

Karachi:Shiraz Asif will be attending next week’s World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC) International Softball Umpiring Course, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shiraz will now join Asfandyar Khan and Faraz Ijaz to attend and represent Pakistan in the international course. Previously, only Asfandyar and Faraz were invited to participate in the course from Pakistan.

Last week Shiraz secured top position in Baseball 5 Coaching Seminar, held in Malaysian city of Klang. WBSC Secretary and Softball Asia President Dato Low Beng Choo invited Shiraz to attend the umpiring course in Bangkok too in recognition of his efforts during the Baseball 5 Coaching seminar.