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Sports: Squash: Jan Sher disappointed with PSF officials

October 28, 2019

Karachi:Jan Sher Khan has asked Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) President Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan to sack Secretary PSF and Director Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) because of playing politics. Jan Sher has questioned the logic behind sending junior players to Egypt for training.

“In fact the entire visit was not only a waste of time but also a huge waste of national exchequer. Those players who participated in Junior Academy in Egypt were already top ranked in their respective categories and were also physically fit. But after the Egypt tour, they put on weight and also saw their ranking declined,” he said.

He added that Pakistan already has a lot of legendary squash players including himself, Qamar Zaman and Jehangir Khan who could be hired to train the youngsters.

“There was no need to send junior players abroad in the name of training. It is difficult to understand the logic behind this decision. In fact, foreign coaches including that from Egypt watch our game videos and trained their players as per our techniques,” he claimed.

The eight-time World Open champion Jan Sher said that current players were not able to get underwent strenuous training that may stretch to four to five hours daily because of lack of stamina.

“Current players are not playing Squash for country. They are only playing for getting visas of foreign countries. I also request to PSF that they should not issue visa NOCs to those players until and unless they give their best performance for the country,” he accused.

“When I was playing competitive squash, I used to train daily for at least six to eight hours. My hard has paid me the position that I have been named among all-time greats in the game of squash. But the current players do not want to work hard as they only play squash for money, foreign tours and latest models of mobile phones. There is not even a single good player among the lot playing squash in Pakistan,” he said.

He has also urged that federation to get rid of unprofessional coaches and trainers who do not know the basics of squash and appoint professional coaches and trainers for the revival of Squash in the country.

Jan Sher has also advised players work hard, which is they only way to reach success and there are no short cuts.

“I also assure them if they give only 10 years of their lives for Squash then they and their families will enjoy the benefits for the rest of their life”.

“The federation must take harsh and bold steps without any pressure. We are always ready to help them for the revival of squash in the country as I feel it is our national and moral duty,” he signed off.

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