KARACHI: The International Institute of Child Health (IICH), a hospital of international standard is planned in Karachi, comprising of 600 beds with state-of-the-art paediatric care facilities.

“The procedures, technology, human resource, systems and policies would be of international standard and all efforts are being made to ensure that IICH will remain the best healthcare facility for our kids available in entire region.”

This was announced by Syed Mehdi Raza, a former banker, management, consultant and a motivational speaker while talking to journalists during press conference held at Karachi Press Club here on Tuesday.

He said this facility is strategically located to cater the needs of large population and to ensure that the quick accessibility is guaranteed. The total plan for establishment is for 2 years and in 2020 the hospital will be established and will be ready to spread happiness and health among kids. He said this project is for generations and will be made purely with the utmost help and guidance of Allah. It is not a charitable hospital however it is a welfare facility providing free healthcare of international standard to our kids.

He said “We are committed to not let any child lose the battle of life, just because his father cannot wage the war. Giving his introduction, he said that t is certainly an honor and moment that can be like, dream come true for him. We seek professional guidance and help from the society to make things happen as quickly as possible. Dreams are ignited by passion and dreams are converted with commitment. This dream needs to be fulfilled and the dynamics are that this project will cost 2.5 billion rupees and will be completed in 24 months approximately”.

A land of 25 acres is already procured for the hospital at Super Highway with a view to ensure higher accessibility for the expanding population. This facility is near to airport and can take care of entire country with air ambulance, Syed Mehdi Raza told.

He informed that this project is designed with a special flair of creating health diplomacy while offering its highest standard healthcare facility to the kids of neighboring countries without any financial cost. Further, this hospital will be built and operated directly under the will of Allah and will generate its own funds with several sources and facilitate the kids with healthcare.

Mehdi Raza said the 25 acres of procured land is divided in projects: Hospital Building – five acres, theme park for Kids – five acres, mini safari and zoo – five acres and cultivation area & dairy farm – 10 acres. This is a self-reliant facility and will ensure that everyone is treated with pride and dignity and our generations are safe and economically sound.

He further told that a unique concept of fundraising is planned where we shall visit our colleges, universities and schools with our Dream Drive. We shall provide our students with a unique opportunity to attend motivational sessions to get unmatched learning followed by a chance to submit their resume/details to avail any of the following: a chance to get job, a chance to enrol in talent development program and a chance to get global scholarship for advanced/specialized education. The entire funds generated with this Dream Drive will go to IICH, he concluded.