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Stray dogs kill fourth class girl

February 13, 2020

BHAN SYEDABAD: Stray dogs bit and killed a fourth class girl student near Bhan Syedabad on Thursday.

Rahiman Lashari, a fourth class student, was returning home from the school after study in village Ahmed Khan Lashari when stray dogs attacked and bit her severely. On girl’s cries, villagers rushed to the scene and saved him from the dogs, but the girl died due to severe bite injuries.

The parents fainted when the girl’s body reached home. Villagers told media that the number of stray dogs in the area had risen alarmingly, therefore, the government should take steps to kill them so as to save more lives.

They said that several complaints to the relevant authorities had been made, but no action was taken in this regard, which was a great injustice to the people of the area. They asked the government to come forward with concrete measures to kill all stray dogs in the area so the people could take a sigh of relief.

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