Students extend sympathy to Zainab’s soul

NAUNDERO: “We want justice for Zainab Ansari” was the slogan of little male and female students of Oxford Public School and Galaxy Crammer School of Madeji town of Shikarpur district, located near here on Saturday.

The students and their teachers took placards in their hands, held protest demonstration in their respective schools and shouted slogans in favour of their colleague who was brutally murdered by a killer in Kasur after sexual assault. Students namely Shazia Aijaz, Sanam Mor, Aysha, Aleena, Nandna, Mahak Javed, Alishan, Rashid, Hassan Tahir and others said in an emotional tone while talking to media that the rulers have no right to govern the country because respect and life of the daughters is not safe in this country.

They complained that media has only flashed Zainab’s case but so many Zainab’s have been slain in the past which it has ignored previously. They said that affects of this case have spread all over the globe adding such cases keep on surfacing almost everyday in Sindh and entire Pakistan but they are not taken notice of by the rulers and corrupt mafia. They further alleged such cases are pending decisions in the courts which may be decided. They demanded exemplary punishments to all accused involved in similar terrible and barbaric cases so such no one ever dare to repeat such acts in future.