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Threats to Gulalai Ismail’s family must stop: HRCP

July 5, 2019

Lahore:Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said in a statement on Friday that it was seriously concerned over reports that activist Gulalai Ismail’s family has been threatened in connection with her work as a human rights defender.

HRCP urged the state to investigate the recent raid on Ms Ismail’s house in Islamabad, reportedly by a large contingent of men in civilian clothes. “A family member has claimed that their driver was forcibly taken away, interrogated and physically harmed. There are also worrying reports that the persons involved in this incident threatened to harm Ms Ismail’s younger sister if the former did not cease her work as an activist,” HRCP said.

“Ms Ismail’s family has already been subjected to similar intimidation to the extent that she has had to severely curtail her activism. As a well-known human rights defender who has consistently highlighted human rights violations, especially in KP, attempts to harass and threaten her through her family and other household members are unacceptable. “

The state must protect civil society’s right to dissent by ensuring that the incident is investigated transparently and those involved, held accountable, HRCP concluded.

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