Three children die of measles spread

DALBANDIN: Another three children died of measles as disease was spreading in Chagai. Earlier three people have died of the disease in Chagai.

According to details measles spread has been causing deaths in area of Chagai and several villages were hit by the disease.

District Health Officer Bashir Ahmed said that anti measles vaccination was being made in Dalbandin, Basulani, Chagai, Posti and Brabcha. He aid our team reached the affected areas but people refrained from vaccination to their children and the disease has spread. It is added here that earlier three persons including two women have died of this disease. DHO told that they hailed from Afghanistan. During pas tone week three children have died of this disease. After DHO, Assistant Commissioner Dalbandin has also proceeded to the affected area. DHO said that health department was probing into these deaths.