Three-day int’l conference on primary healthcare kicks off at Ziauddin Hospital


KARACHI: President, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), Dr Shabbir Ahmed Lehri on Friday said things are changing day by day specially in medical technology due to issues rising in daily life.

This he said during inauguration ceremony of three-day international conference under theme “Bridging the gap in primary healthcare innovations, translations beyond”, organized by Ziauddin University at Clifton Campus, Karachi.

Talking about his department Dr Lehri said; when I took over the charge of President PMDC there were twenty thousand pending registrations, we have issued all of them. There were three types of curriculum in the country. Our curriculum committee has been working day and night and I hope they will chalk out a single curriculum.

He further stated that ninety percent of private medical organizations are working in the country in a good way but other ten percent are just making money. We have started crackdown against such fake institutions and their owners. We saw there are owners of ghee mill, textile mill and sugar mills who without due qualifications operating medical colleges just for the sake of money minting. We are taking stern actions against them who have made the medical education a business and destroying our coming generations.

Dr Lehri said that PMDC is to facilitate anyone who is going to operate on merit basis, we have to resolve your problem and issues and facilitate the doctors’ community. My doors are open for each and every person who wishes to resolve the medical education problems. We are deadly against corruption and maladministration.

He said Ziauddin University is a national institution serving the country with dedication and international standards. I appreciate its work and the efforts of its administration for arranging such an informative event. I congratulate to the management of Ziauddin University for hosting this useful conference.

Dr Maud Nauta from Camden Health Improvement Practice, London, UK in her address on “How and why we make mistakes, Lessons learnt from the West” talked about human factors in primary healthcare. She shared examples of human factors like work load/ under load, lack of knowledge, pattern recognition, over confidence and said 100,000 people die in hospitals alone due to human error. She pointed out that first we have to find out our errors and then we would be able to solve them.

Maud Nauta further stated that all healthcare professionals strive for improvement in patient care but at least 10% of patients admitted to hospitals will encounter a potentially fatal medical error and 50% of these are preventable. Human factors or non-technical skills contribute to at least 70% of these errors.

“Harnessing the energy of health care workforce to benefit the community” was the subject discussed by Prof. Dr. Ghaffar Billo, Senior Professor of Pediatrics, Aga Khan University Hospital & Founder of HANDS. He elaborated the functions of his NGO and talked about community empowerment.

Earlier, Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University in his welcome address stated that Ziauddin University is a renowned institution for learning in Pakistan. Sir Dr Ziauddin Ahmed was a great educationist and mathematician who contributed with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan at Aligarh. His daughter Dr Ejaz Fatima has established this institution.

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