Trade: (FPCCI should be on board while negotiating FTAs resolution)

ISLAMABAD:General Body of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce Industry (FPCCI) has passed a resolution on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) by Pakistan and demanded that FPCCI should be taken on board while negotiating bilateral agreements particularly FTA with China.

Members of the General Body of FPCCI have seriously taken-up the issues in Pakistan trade and specifically trade deficit of 15billion US dollar while trading with China under FTA.

The meeting also discussed that Pakistan exports is not getting the potential penetration in China while products from China have flooded in Pakistan’s markets. The GB member said that trade benefit seems unilateral and in favour of China.

Hence the General Body of FPCCI resolved unanimously that without FPCCI no Free Trade Agreement should be consider or negotiate and FPCCI to be taken on board specially with II-Phase of Pak-China FTA.