Trader deprived of one lakh cash


NAUNDERO: A cloth merchant was deprived of one lakh rupees cash by three thugs here on Tuesday. One of them was captured and handed over to local police.

According to details, three persons came to the cloth shop of Abdul Hayee Mangi and asked him to show various qualities of cloth. He told newsmen that when he and his other employees were busy in showing them different varieties, two of them asked him to show them cloth kept in the corner of the shop. He said that third one suddenly opened the cash counter, took out entire cash and started running outside.

They also chased him and caught him near a rickshaw stand and two other fled in the meantime, he added. The captured was identified as Manzoor Bheel, a resident of Sultan Kot. Bheel said that he came here along with Shabir Bheel and Sattar Bheel adding Bheel community was not robbers but they commit small thefts. He said that he had done nothing as he came here on a tour. Police so far did not register any case and was probing the matter further but they asserted that same incidents were also reported in the past as well.

Meanwhile, motorcycle of primary teacher Akash Kumar was stolen outside his house here on Tuesday by unknown habitual criminals. Poor teacher said that he went inside his home and when he returned there was no bike. He immediately informed the cops but they did nothing to recover the 2-wheeler, he added. It must be noted here that theft of bikes and other street crimes have become common proving utter negligence of local police for which the residents have demanded of higher government authorities to take immediate action against the police and make necessary changes forthwith to maintain peace and tranquillity in the hometown of Bhutto leaders.