Transplant Operation Theatre Complex inaugurated at SIUT

KARACHI: The inauguration of Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre Complex was held at Suleman Dawood Transplant Centre, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) on Friday.

Director, SIUT, Dr Adib Rizvi, while welcoming the guests, highlighted the SIUT health facilities. He said that the facilities are extended without any discrimination of cast, color, creed or faith. He said SIUT has been lucky that it earned extensive support from the philanthropic segment of the society who on the basis of its outstanding services posed confidence in the institution and donated funds and equipments generously.

He informed that transplant theater complex will be able to do surgeries for all of these transplantations and has the capacity for doing four simultaneous transplant surgeries and a 10-beded ICU as well. The transplant cetnre houses skill development centre and specialized laboratories.

In future, the robotic surgery will also be performed in this complex for transplants. Basheer Dawood represents a legacy in the health care for underprivileged from dialysis to oncology to transplantation. This without doubt is one of the finest example for philanthropy, the family having spent over 3 billion rupees for all these projects being the biggest donation in health care in public sector, he added.

He highlighted that the relationship with Basheer Dawood and his family goes back to year 2000 when they donated 120 machine dialysis centre at SUT. Now SIUT is doing 850 dialysis per day which accounts for almost one third of dialysis in the country. The dialysis unit also has a special section for children and is the only centres doing dialysis for children in this country.

He said that the dialysis unit is one of the largest centre under one roof in South Asia. If this dialysis would have been done at private sector it would have cost 75 crores. The dialysis unit helped SIUT achieved over five thousand transplants until now. In 2006, Bashir Dawood donated the cancer hospital in the name of his mother Hanifa Suleman Dawood a 150 bedded hospital costing 2 billion rupees. The hospital houses linear accelerator the most expensive machine in the medical sector for the radiation treatment of all cancer.

Besides inpatient beds, it runs integrated clinics and has a large Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery sections. It has specialized unit for treatment of prostate cancer called Brachytherapy. In 2011, Basheer Dawood and his family laid the foundation stone 125 bedded for Suleman Dawood Transplant Centre to cater liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, small bowl transplantation.

On this occasion, Bashir Dawood greatly appreciated the role of SIUT in providing specialized medical treatment to less privileged segment of community at large. He described the SIUT as a model institution where patients have been treated for last forty years to avail free quality medical services. Today I see no example in the country like SIUT, I thank Dr. Adib Rizvi and his team for this dedication in the delivery of tertiary care specially in dialysis, kidney transplant and oncology, he said.

Vice Chairman of the Board of SIUT Zubeida Mustafa and Trustee Shabbar Zaidi also spoke.