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Transvestites announce replacement of their president with transgender Laila

Peshawar: Transvestites from different Districts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa has alleged that President of She-male association Farzana Jan is misusing the slot and announced to replace the president with transgender Laila.

Speaking at a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club (PPC) on Tuesday, the transgender unanimously made Laila as an Acting president of the she-male association and announced elections amongst them after upcoming holy month Ramadan.

The acting president on the occasion said that they had made Farzana Jan as their president for working for the rights of transvestites, which they added were passing through critical lives as they are maximum of transgender as homeless and starvation.

The transgender accused Farzana of taking extortion money from other she-males being used power of presidential slot and in case anyone of them refused to give, face beating and torture.

We have videos against Farzana for usurping rights of transgender, beating and torture them, the newly acting president added that the rejected president has got Rs0.3million as an extortion money by threatening her to severity if she failed to give. “On someone guarantee of giving Rs0.3million to Farzana, I was released, but the guarantor is now demanding for the money, and I have no even a single penny to give”, Anwar alleged.

Responding to different questions, Laila said they had lot expectations from the provincial government to provide them financial assistance because also, they are Pakistani citizens and have the same rights. However, Ms Laila maintained the PTI-led provincial was morally bound to create opportunities of employments for them in order avoid taunting and hissing after them while performing at a function.

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