KARACHI: The Turkish Consul General Tolga Ucak along with Chief Security Officer Orhan Sen on Wednesday visited Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) – Central Reporting Cell at the Governor House where they were greeted by the chief Zubair Habib.

Speaking on the occasion, the Turkish Consul General said that declining trend in heinous crimes in Karachi spoke loud about the efforts of CPLC. He appreciated the role of CPLC, saying that he was optimistic in working closely for capacity building of CPLC team for combating crimes in the province.

Ucak showed special interest in CPLC’s Neighborhood Care Projects, CPLC Public School at three different downtrodden areas of Karachi, constructions and operations of public toilets and free dispensaries.

The CPLC Sindh chief Zubair Habib presented a shield to the Consul General and thanked him for visiting CPLC’s Central Reporting Cell.