Friday, December 2

Two out of four fire brigade vehicles dysfunctional in Larkana

LARKANA:Two out of four fire brigade vehicles of Larkana Municipal Corporation (LMC) are dysfunctional while the authorities are reluctant to repair them, credible sources told PPI today.

Despite having millions of rupees annual budget, these costly vehicles have not been repaired despite repeated appeals by the public. It is amazing that 45 people have been posted to work at the fire station, the sources further disclosed. They further claimed that most of the people posted at the station remained on visa and they just draw their monthly salaries without discharging their legal and moral duties.

The fire brigade service or station is located on a busy road called Anaj Mandi Road which always remains covered with various vehicles. During emergencies, fire brigade vehicles find it extremely difficult to get out of the road and reach their destinations where fire has erupted. The relevant officers have also failed so far to find any other suitable place for these machines where these can be shifted so that they could reach the places quickly from where a fire incident is reported. Fire service building has also become dilapidated and dangerous and cement bars have fallen down several times before from its roof injuring employees.

Fireman Gul Hassan Bhutto and others said that nobody had so far paid any attention to fire brigade station despite the fact that it is the most essential part of today’s life. They said there was also no facility for them to sit as if we are not human beings adding they had been injured several times before after cement bars fell on them which was cruelty because they have been informing about the incidents to the municipal commissioner but all in vain.

People of Larkana have demanded shifting of the station to a suitable place immediately after constructing a new building for the service and provision of new latest fire brigade machines so that over one million people of Larkana could feel safe during wildfire incidents.