UN asked to prioritize Kashmir

LAHORE:Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has impressed upon the world community to bring the Kashmiris on the negotiation table with India and Pakistan to prevent an India- Pakistan war and for lasting peace in the region.

Addressing a workers convention at Jindol and Samarbagh in Dir area, he said that the United Nations would have to give top priority to the Kashmir issue and implement its resolution on Kashmir to avert a war between two nuclear states of South Asia. He said that till the time the Kashmir issue was resolved, the clouds of war would continue to hover over the region. He further said that in case a war erupted between the two nuclear states, it would engulf the whole world and million people could become its victims.

The JI chief said that Indian occupation forces in Held Kashmir were shedding the blood of innocent Kashmiris day and night. He said that India did not have the courage to hold elections in Held Kashmir. However, he said, till the election were held in Held Kashmir, Indian Prime Minister Modi would continue the bloodshed of the Kashmiris.

Sirajul Haq said that now the best time for the solution of the Kashmir issue as world powers including the US, Russia and China had realized the importance and the sensitivity of the Kashmir issue and also the need for its quick solution. Therefore, the government should not remain silent on the issue nor should it adopt a defensive stance. He said that keeping silent on the issue at this time was tantamount to wasting the opportunity.

He said the government would have to highlight the Kashmir issue on the diplomatic front with full force.

The JI chief said that Pakistanis were a living nation and were fully united and ready for the national defense. He said that Modi could do anything to get Hindu votes. Therefore, the government should remain fully awake.