Union rallies against price hike, unemployment


NAUNDERO: The members of Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union took out a rally here on Thursday against unprecedented price hike, joblessness in the name of change and encroachment of government lands.

The protesters marched through various roads and reached the local press club where they staged a sit-in and held a protest demonstration. They were holding red flags in their hands and were shouting slogans against the rulers.

The leaders, Qasim Lashari, Ghulam Sarwar Phulpoto, Hanif Bhatti and Shahnawaz Shaikh said the prime minister Imran Khan had showed them golden dreams of change but now he had ruined the poor masses. The leaders said they belonged to labour class and this class was the worst affected by the record price hike. They said that daily wages were so low that they could not feed their children two meals a day, not to speak of getting their kids educated.

They said prices of petrol, electricity, gas, medicines, ghee, sugar, flour, rice, medicines and other eatables had sky-rocketed during the past two years. They demanded houses for labourers, jobs for jobless, lands for landless tillers and immediate reduction in the prices of essential commodities.

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