United Alliance nominates Abdul Quddus Bizenjo as new Chief Minister

QUETTA: United Alliance in provincial assembly has named Abdul Quddus Bizenjo as New Chief Minister of Balochistan has said that he has been named for service of people. It is hoped that new Chief Minster would prove better for the province. In the new setup National Party and PMAP as well as angry members would be contacted to make them part of the government.

These views were expressed by PML-N MPAs Sarfraz Bugti, Jan Mohammad Jamali, Sardar Saleh Bhotani and others at a joint Press conference as assembly chamber here Thursday.

Nominated Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, MPAs Ghulam Dastgir Badini, Asim Kurd Galloo, Syed Agha Raza, Sardar Sarfraz Domki, Prince Ahmed Ai, Molvi Maazullah, Mufti Gulab, Amanullah Notezai, Abdul Majid Abro and MNA Osman Badini were also present.

United Alliance members said prior to moving no trust motion against former Chief Minister there was a success and we held consultation for new leader of the Hose and held a joint meeting. All the members’ openly decided that new leader of the House would be former Deputy Speaker MPA Abdul Quddus Bizenjo. They said all the friends are on one page to further this process and it is our desire to make him successful. He said present government would completes its tenure in constitutional manner and would run Government till June.

They said first priority of the present government would be law and order, end to unemployment and establishing atmosphere of love in the province. They said Abdul Quddus Bizenjo has also honor that he would be first and young Chief Minister in Balochistan History and would end unemployment and appoint young men against 35 thousand vacancies on merit.

Abdul Quddus Bizenjo thanking United Alliance and Opposition members said that such consensus decision would prove fruitful for the province. He said the way people have reposed confidence in him and nominated him as leader of the House, he would not disappoint his friends and would end backwardness and unemployment from th e province. He said all the members either form PML-N or from ML-Q or other parties particularly Opposition parties for their cooperation and supporting us in difficult time.

He also thanked Sarfraz Bugti for taking step against former Chief Minister and sacrificed his ministry. He paid tribute to him.