Universities prime duty is to focus on research

KARACHI: President, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaikh said that it is the prime responsibility of the universities worldwide to promote research culture in their countries to help government and industry to achieve their developments targets.

This he stated while he was visiting the concluding session of three-day long Business Research Reports Posters Exhibition of BBA/MBA students of the university last evening. The exhibition was organized by Business Research centre of the University under the supervision of Assistant Professor Syed Arshad Husain. Dr. Zubair Shaikh said that he is very much satisfied with research work of 50 BBA/MBA students of MAJU who have presented their research work, findings and recommendations on various trade and industry issues in the shape of a poster on Pan Flax precisely. It is mentioned here that the third day of business projects research reports poster exhibition was allocated to MBA, Finance, HR, Marketing and Supply Chain Management students who presented around 40 reports in exhibition.

MBA, Finance students presented their reports on the issues of credit risk management and financial performance of conventional banks, a qualitative and quantitative study of corporate governance and its impact on commercial banks in Pakistan, impact of free cash flow on Firm’s profitability of cement sector in Pakistan stock exchange, impact of dividend policy on share prices and measuring public attitude towards the FBR’s efforts for increasing tax net.

The topics of MBA, HR, students research reports were included impact of E-HRM activities on HR employees satisfaction in Karachi, impact of organizational stress on employee performance, impact of change management on organization performance and impact of SHRM on organizational performance, organization, commitment, job satisfaction and individual performance. MBA, Marketing reports were based on impact of consumer behavior on consumer decision making, role of customer satisfaction at Gul Ahmad Textile on brand equity and impact of perceived value, quality and brand image on consumer decision. MBA, Supply Chain Management reports were presented on the logistics management; a source of competitive advantage, retail supply chain management practices in Pakistan and a business intelligence perspective.