Varsity, IBA campus demanded for Mirpurkhas

Mirpurkhas, Sindh: Mirpurkhas, the fourth largest city of Sindh province, does not have a university and its citizens have demanded of the government to establish a university and campus of IBA in this neglected town.

According to details, thousands of students of Mirpurkhas have to travel to Jamshoro or Karachi for higher education as the government despite prolonged demand of the citizens has as yet failed to establish a government-run university in the big city.

Ihtisham Rajput, member of national youth assembly, said Mirpurkhas is the fourth largest city of the province and its population is more than a million people but still higher educational facilities are not present here. He demanded from the government to establish a university and IBA campus in the city on urgent basis.

He requested to tag ample funds in this regard in the coming budget. He also appealed to the governor of Sindh Mohammad Zubair to play his due role in this regard.