Thursday, February 9

Vehicle snatching cases still high in megacity

KARACHI: The Citizens-Liaison Police Committee (CPLC) on Thursday issued one-month street crimes report from 1st March to 31 March, 2018.

According to CPLC statistics, 27 cases of snatching of four-wheelers and 103 theft cases were reported during the month of March. The CPLC helped in recovery of 53 vehicles.

196 two-wheelers were snatched and 1884 stolen during the month. However, 457 two-wheelers were recovered out of total 2080 reported cases of snatching and theft.

As many as 1036 mobile phones were snatched and 1440 were stolen during the month, while 106 mobile phones were recovered.

Moreover, 30 cases of killing and four cases of extortion were reported, according to CPLC report.

However, no bank robbery and kidnapping for ransom case was reported during the month of March.