Villagers compelled to drink contaminated water

LARKANA: The subsoil water of village Saindad Junejo has become so contaminated that the residents have stopped to drink it. This village is located near World Heritage monuments of Moenjo Daro. The residents – Muhammad Ali Junejo, Hasan Junejo and Allah Dino Junejo told media on Tuesday during a visit that a water filter plant was installed here, which was powered by solar system, but soon it became non-functional and again they had been forced to get water from far away places.

They said that due to highly contaminated underground water, many villagers had been infected with dreaded viral disease Hepatitis, but nobody, including the elected representatives, had sent any medical team to examine them or to screen their blood. They said that there are about 150 houses in the village in which more than 5000 men, women and children are living since long.

They said about 40-50 people are suspected of suffering from Hepatitis due to contaminated drinking water. They demanded that a permanent water commission be established in Sindh which should work full time independently and exclusively for provision of sweet drinking water to the people of the province which will also decrease ratio of hepatitis cases in Sindh. They said merely installing RO plants will never resolve the issue on permanent basis.