we dump our prejudices for socio-economic prosperity: Dr. Masrur


Peshawar: Eminent scholar and Professor at Institute of Media Sciences, Riphah International University Islamabad, Dr. Masrur Alam Khan, said that we should leave our discrimination for sustainable economic growth in the larger interest of the country and adopt innovation techniques for the prosperity of the country. He was presenting his paper ‘Diffusion of Innovation for Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth through Communication in Pakistan’.

He also highlighted that it is need of hour to adopt innovative techniques for the prosperity and development of human capital in the country. Dr. Khan shared his views during 13th session of the  ‘Annual Invention to Innovation Summit’ held at University of Engineering and Technology here this after noon which was also attended by 22 other universities of the country. This session was hosted by Dr. Rashid Aftab, Director, Riphah Institute of Public Policies.

Dr. Khan said that policy decision-makers generally use diffusion model to evaluate the effectiveness of media in launching development campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their policies.

He elaborated diffusion model and highlighted that how national media can influence opinion leaders in social network for effectiveness. He said that opinion leaders are the people in a social network who influence others for adoption of new ideas, products and new technologies.

Dr. Khan said that the recognition of the innovation-decision process is important to understand the changing attitudes and behaviors of the individuals and it also helps in understanding that communication can help in the process of adoption of new innovations and technologies.

He expressed that policy decision-makers can use diffusion models to assess the efficiency of media versus interpersonal campaigns, make judgment between subgroups, and appraise the effect of policy for sustainable development.At this occasion participants many universities were present.

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