Western lifestyle major cause diabetes epidemic in Muslim countries:

KARACHI: President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Prof Nam Han Cho on Friday declared ‘Westernization’ as the major cause of diabetes epidemic in Asian countries, including Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference at the sidelines of 4th International Diabetes and Ramadan Conference here, Prof Nam Han Cho said Asians used to live a simple life with consumption of a lot of vegetables but now they are consuming more meat and living a mechanized life. He said westernization is the major cause of diabetes epidemic in Asian countries, both in the Asia Pacific as well as Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He said sedentary lifestyle and Western food were the root-cause of diabetes among the Asians.

IDF President Prof Nam Cho, who is an Asian himself from South Korea, further informed that Asians produce lesser insulin as compared to people of other races and so when they start a sedentary lifestyle by following Western culture, eat more meat and carbohydrates and desist from their traditional rigorous life style, they tend to develop diabetes faster than people of other continents of the world.

“Of the 425 million diabetics in the entire world, as much as 65 percent are Asians, which is quite alarming. These Asians also include millions of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and other parts of the world”, he informed.

Speaking about the Muslim diabetics, he said millions of Muslims all the world would be fasting for 30 days during the coming month of Ramadan and would be facing a lot of issues while fasting but Allah Almighty tells people to keep their bodies healthy so they need guidance so that they could fast safely and know what to do in case of health emergency.

Eminent Pakistani Diabetologist Prof Samad Shera said diabetes prevalence, which was only 11 percent in 1994 in Pakistan, has increased to 26 percent in 2017 while number of pre-diabetics has also increased tremendously, which shows that Pakistan is also affected by diabetes epidemic, which has gripped the entire world.

He said joint efforts are required to deal with this epidemic of diabetes in Pakistan, and people should walk more and eat less to prevent themselves from diabetes. He explained that diabetes is spreading equally in the rural areas as well as urban areas of the Pakistan, which shows that sedentary lifestyle has gripped the entire country.

Advising people who would keep fast during the holy month of Ramadan and want to walk without facing any health issue including hypoglycaemia, he said they should rise 30-40 minutes before the Sehri timings and walk before eating Sehri as it would keep their blood sugar controlled.

Chairman of IDF Mena Region Prof Abdul Basit said they were holding Diabetes and Ramadan Conference to educate millions of Muslims who would be fasting in the holy month of Ramadan as there are no data-based, scientific guidelines available for the Muslims.

“As many as 148 million Muslims are diabetics as per very conservative estimates and majority of these Muslims would be keeping fast in the coming month of Ramadan. We need scientific guidelines for these diabetics so that they could safely observe the fasting”, he maintained.

Chairman of the 4th International Diabetes and Ramadan Conference Prof. Yakoob Ahmedani said they were holding the annual conference to prepare scientific guidelines and recommendations for over 148 million Muslim faithful diabetics who would be keeping fast in the coming month of Ramadan.

South African Diabetologist Prof Mohammed A.K Omer also blamed the Western diet and “Cocalization” as the cause of spread of diabetes in the world and urged Muslims to live simple life style and eat healthy food to prevent them from having diabetes.

Prof. Adel El Sayed from Egypt said there were millions of Muslims in both Egypt and Pakistan were diabetics and added that recommendations of conference would not only help Pakistani and Egyptian as well as millions of Muslims around the globe in fasting safely in the month of Ramadan.

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