Woman protests for arrest of husband’s killers


NAUNDERO: A widow, along with her two daughters and a relative, held a protest demonstration inside Benazir Bhutto Press Club here on Tuesday, demanding of Naundero police to arrest killers of her husband Dur Mohammad Jeho.

Sardar Khatoon told media that her husband was gunned down three months ago because he refused to marry one of his daughters with the son of an accused. She said that an FIR was lodged at Naundero police station but the police had still ot arrested anyone. She said that killers, including Naseer Mohammad Jeho and Illahi Bux Jeho, were still at large and had not been brought to justice.

She said that they were freely roaming in the village without fear of law and issuing threats to her that they will also kill her if she did not stop demanding justice. She further said that these accused were also threatening to kidnap her daughters. She demanded of higher police authorities to provide protection and arrestf all the nominated accused.