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World Sleep Day: Choose right kind of mattress for better sleep

March 16, 2019

KARACHI:Buying a mattress can be stressful because it is a long term investment. Once the right mattress is bought, one can sleep better for the next 8-12 years. On the other hand, a bad mattress could leave you dissatisfied and may increase your stress levels. It is incredibly important for us to find the right mattress because we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. So on World Sleep Day, we tell you how to choose the right mattress.

Studies suggest that sleeping on a natural mattress made out of sap of a rubber tree is highly recommended as it supports your body by contouring to its shape. Memory foam mattresses usually make your body sink in by not giving enough rest to all parts of the body.

The underlying reason is that the material used is too soft and enveloping, which may not provide enough support to the back. Likewise, spring mattresses do not support your body. They only give support and rest to your shoulders and hips. This could worsen your back pain and sleep deficiencies.

Hence, it is recommended you check the material before you purchase a mattress. Additionally, it’s vital to choose a mattress with the right technology. One option could be Talalay latex, which is used in the mattress to provide a delightful soft feel while relieving and supporting the entire body. It ensures maximum breathability and optimum support due to its open cellular structure. Furthermore, with its climate control technology, it allows you to stay warm during winters and cool during summers. The insulation effect present in the mattress makes the sleeping surface 21 degrees Celsius, an ideal temperature for sleep. The open cellular structure of Talalay latex ensures that the mattress is ventilated well.

Usually, mattresses are made in bulk and sold to the customers. However, each body is different and so are our sleeping positions. It is recommended to get a mattress customized as per your weight and height and there are companies that sell mattresses as per your requirements.

It is incredibly important to choose a mattress that is produced with comfortable material, made with the right technology and for your needs. The wrong mattress could leave you sleep deprived. It directly affects your physical appearance and activities. Similarly, it will make you feel exhausted, tired and hamper your productivity at work or home. So make sure you get a mattress that is right for you, ensuring healthy sleep and a better life.

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